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Why we love to work at Zelda Recruitment

"At Zelda Recruitment, we work in an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  Being here from the start of the business has been an amazing experience to see how Zelda Recruitment has developed over the years.

We have always taken a long term approach to clients and candidates. One day they are our candidates and the next day they are our clients - everyone is treated equally. Our trusted clients have relied on us to deliver for them year in, year out.   Our candidates have come back to us multiple times over the years to assist with their job search.

We work as individual Consultants to deliver high customer service to our clients and candidates but we also have exceptional back office support.

Most of all I have enjoyed working with the fun, friendly, dedicated, loyal, hardworking  team of people who have a common goal which I call my “Zelda Family”."   

Donna Hanson, Consultant

"Having been with Zelda Recruitment almost since its inception, I have witnessed first-hand our business’ ability to flex and adapt according to changing markets and economic cycles – we celebrate our wins together, and we are there to support each other through the more challenging times. 

The closeness of our Zelda Recruitment team, and our ability to work so well together, has been built over a long period of time and through many shared workplace experiences.  I have never felt less than empowered, encouraged, challenged and appreciated during my time at Zelda … I simply can’t imagine not coming to work here every day! 

As a business, Zelda Recruitment has always aimed to provide high calibre services to clients and candidates, and in order to do that it is imperative you have a high calibre team behind you.  I consider it an absolute privilege to be a long-term member of Zelda Recruitment’s high calibre team." 

Francoise Lip, Payroll and Business Support Administrator 

"Zelda Recruitment has such a great environment to work in.  I have been with the organisation now for over 10 years and have enjoyed working with a fantastic team.  Everyone values each other contributions and we are focussed on achieving the best we can for our clients and candidates." 
Janine Chatfield, Consultant

"I thoroughly enjoy working at Zelda Recruitment. I have been part of this amazing team since 2006 and find that I am still learning and developing my skills 8 years on. I have grown up with this company and consider the Zelda Recruitment Team as my family. It is one of the best places to work and I find myself being very fortunate to be a part of it." 
Anna Byrne, Associate Consultant

"This is a professional environment where everyone is an expert in their field, works hard  but still know how to have fun. A place where you feel valued and appreciated." 
Alison Shadbolt, Consultant


"I am lucky enough to work in an environment that is always supportive whether that be on a work or a personal level.  We work in an environment that enables people to be successful whilst always working together for each other, our candidates and our clients.  Working in a team that you can trust and rely on has for me become the “norm”, sometimes you need to remind yourself how truly blessed we are to have such a wonderful organisation and team at Zelda Recruitment to work with.  A special mention must be made to Zelda and Donald who have always supported me, their friendship and support over the years have made a true difference in my life."
Roxene Shea, Consultant 


"Working at Zelda Recruitment allows me to enjoy working in a fast paced, people orientated professional services firm. I’m fortunate to work with highly competent professionals who are experts in their areas of recruitment expertise. I have developed enduring business relationships over the past 13 with great clients and candidates. 

I  continue to seek to create partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial results and enjoy understanding the client’s requirements and helping them improve their business with the recruitment of outstanding professionals."

Donald McAllister, Director


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