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Our Commitment to Your Privacy 

Zelda Recruitment (ZR) is a recruitment agency with one major difference. The key stone to our organisation is the longevity of our consultants. All our consultants are shareholders in Zelda Recruitment and are committed long term to Zelda Recruitment. The value of this to our stakeholders; jobseekers, on hire employees and clients, is our relationships evolve and grow over time. We are interested in your career for your employment lifetime. It is not just the here and now. Our consultants nurture their business relationships over many years and build a trust and rapport that continuously develops. We draw upon this personal knowledge in our daily dealings. This is what makes us highly competent, skilled recruiters and career advisors. We can see the subtle differences in each person and we really do know the best person for the job!

Given we are constantly engaging with you, and building our relationships, it is critical you understand the way we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information. Primarily we are guided by our strong sense of integrity and professionalism and importantly, underpinning this, we are guided by privacy laws and principles. You can be assured we take your privacy and your rights very seriously.

Under the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which commenced on 12 March 2014, The Zelda Recruitment (ZR) Privacy Policy is freely and publicly accessible at all times. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website and will be updated from time to time. The Privacy Policy covers a broad range of essential topics in sufficient detail to enable you to understand how Zelda Recruitment will manage your personal information.

In the event you require any, or additional information, in regards to the Zelda Recruitment Privacy Policy, please contact our Quality Manager on 07-3229 4999 during office hours for assistance. Alternatively you may email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and address any queries / concerns to The Quality Manager. Please note, we have an afterhour’s service in the event your issue / concern is urgent, and the afterhour’s number is available by calling 07-3229 4999 in the first instance.

Please click here to view the Zelda Recruitment Privacy Policy.


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