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where potential meets opportunity!
where potential

meets opportunity!


All about Zelda Recruitment

Zelda Recruitment blazed onto the Brisbane recruitment scene in 2002 with a very clear vision - to be a trusted partner setting the standard of excellence for recruitment in Australia

Since then, Zelda Recruitment has worked towards a clear business goal – to secure the best talent for our clients, the greatest opportunities for our job seekers, and an exciting and challenging place for our employees. More than nine years later, Zelda Recruitment has matured and evolved, while continuing to focus on this goal as a cornerstone of our business.

Zelda Recruitment is not just a recruitment firm; we’re a professional services firm matching businesses with talent across Brisbane and South East Queensland.

We work with the best companies looking to grow their business by hiring the most talented people. We work with talented job seekers looking to build their careers and flourish in an environment that matches them perfectly. And we care about hiring the most talented staff to bring all of this together to offer our customers the best service they will ever experience from a professional services recruitment firm.

As we are in the recruitment business, working with, finding and hiring talented people is what we are about. As such, our values are wrapped around the core of what we do.

Our values are simple. We are.... 


EAMWORK – working together delivers results


DAPTABLE - we are flexible and work with you


EADERS - we're the cream of the crop


THICAL - unequivocally


O NONSENSE - totally focused (but we still have fun!)


ALENTED - the craft of recruitment honed over the years


NTHUSIASTIC - we put our whole hearts into our work


ETERMINED - to source the best talent for our clients


ASSIONATE - we don't know any other way to be


SOURCING - finding the passive candidates for you


UTCOME FOCUSSED - we deliver quality results


ROFESSIONAL - in all our dealings


OYAL - we beleive in enduring business relationships


MPATHETIC - we understand


It’s these values that attract the largest and most dynamic organisations in Australia wanting to grow their Brisbane and South East Queensland presence.

It’s these values that attracts the best talent to our books year after year.

And it’s these values that ensure we have the best recruitment team in Australia.

Zelda Recruitment is never happy to sit back and rest on our laurels. We are constantly working towards our mission...  

Zelda Recruitment’s mission is to achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do.

  • We strive to provide the most exceptional customer service to our clients, always willing to go the extra mile to meet their goals and thereby setting a very high standard of excellence within the recruitment industry.

  • We endeavour to deliver a superior experience to the job seeker, attracting the best talent and delivering 'best fit' opportunities to them every time – we care deeply about their success.

  • And we will move heaven and earth to retain our team and to employ the finest talent in the market! We pledge to create a business where all employees are invested in our success and a business environment that guarantees professional delight, as well as commitment and loyalty both ways – all backed up by a team of superstars the envy of the recruitment sector. 

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