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where potential

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Our Recruitment Methodology

Getting it right from the start

The success of any new project is determined by the planning and thought invested at the beginning. Recruiting new talent for your business is no different. Meeting with the consultants at Zelda Recruitment is critical to minimising the risk in the recruitment process. This requires investing the time to really define what the job description is, where the role fits into your organisation, the company's commercial strategy and what attributes and talents the ideal person should posses to be successful in the job.

Our proven methodology enables us to identify solutions where the successful candidate is not only the best person for the job, but the job is the best opportunity for the candidate - potential meeting opportunity equals success. This ensures the most cost and time effective solution: a vital outcome for assisting an organisation to achieve performance levels.

It takes two.....

Maximising the success of your new talent is ensuring the person can do, will do and will fit. Having a thorough understanding of our candidates' career aspirations, skills and experience we can determine their fit with regards to your position and organisation. At Zelda Recruitment we invest time to build a strong rapport and a high level of trust with our candidates from the first meeting to placement and beyond. By actively listening to the candidate's needs we understand and appreciate what is important to them.

Triple bottom line focus

Outsourcing your recruitment does not mean sacrificing your corporate identity. It is critical we, as consultants, understand and support your corporate vision. This is the vision that is presented to potential candidates. At Zelda Recruitment we ensure that our professional consultants use their business acumen and commercial expertise to accurately represent your company. Further to this we provide ongoing training to our consultants to ensure that they understand the current issues within your industry. Our consultants have a sound understanding of the triple bottom line and the importance of people in this equation.

Sweating the small stuff

The recruitment process can be daunting for clients and candidates alike so we focus on the little things to help alleviate some of the frustration and anxiety that may be experienced. It can be just simple things; a bunch of flowers on your birthday; calling in with morning tea for temporary staff. We enjoy this and it gives us great pleasure to make a difference.

Our detailed recruitment methodology:


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