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Donna Hanson

Donna Hanson - Recruitment BrisbaneDonna Hanson

Senior Consultant

Office Support

Donna is a powerhouse in the recruitment sector and is a veteran of the industry with more than 17 years experience. Launching the company with Zelda Yuill, Donald McAllister and Tiffany Springs, Donna’s focus is Office Support recruitment across the engineering, mining and construction industries. An entrepreneurial spirit and a high achiever, Donna leads by example as Zelda Recruitment’s most successful consultant. Offering all of her customer’s real depth and experience, Donna has an enviable “black book” that we are sure the competition would love to get their hands on!

What has been your most interesting life experience?

I would have to say that my travels have definitely been my most interesting life experience. I lived in the UK for a year, and travelled through America and Thailand. This time really changed the way I see the world and it opened my eyes up to so much. When I left Australia I was still quite young (20) so I didn’t have much money but I certainly had a lot of fun. Another bonus of this chapter in my life is that in the UK I worked in recruitment for the first time, so not only did I have an amazing life experience, my professional journey started as well and I have never looked back. I love my job!

What do you think you bring to the table at Zelda Recruitment?

I am a very driven, committed and loyal person, so I’m a good person to have on a team. But I also think that I am a mentor. I have a lot of experience and I’m very successful at what I do, so I think that makes me a good teacher. I definitely bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the team.

Is there something about you that people don’t know?

I played regional softball and netball in my younger days.

How would you define your work ethic and where does it come from?

My work ethic definitely comes from my parents. During my school years Mum and Dad both worked full time and told us that whatever we put in we would get back. They always told us that you never get anything unless you put your heart and soul into it. My whole family is the same and we all appreciate our parents for giving us that guidance.

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